Attorney Ingrid Francoeur Adams

Attorney Tyrone Afrasan Adams

Ingrid Francoeur Adams was born and raised in Haiti and is fluent in Haitian Creole and English. Attorney Adams is a graduate of Michigan State University College of Law and Florida International Uni-versity. She was admitted to the Florida Bar in 2007 and has since practiced in both State Court and Federal Court.

Tyrone Afrasan Adams was born and raised in Germany and is fluent in German and English. Attorney Adams is a graduate of Florida A&M University College of Law, and University of South Florida, both with magna cum laude honors. Attorney Adams was admitted to the Florida Bar and to the Federal Bar (Middle District of Florida) in 2017.

Ingrid Francoeur Adams is passionate about the law and is dedicated to her clients. Attorney Ingrid Adams is also a leader in our community and currently served as the 2017-2018 Vice-President of the Haitian American Chamber of Commerce in Orlando.

Attorney Ingrid Adams gained criminal law experience working for the 20th Judicial Circuit Office of the State Attorney. During her time as an Assistant State Attorney she tried over 20 trials and argued over 100 motions. 

Attorney Ingrid Adams later worked at Florida Rural Legal Services practicing employment law and immigration law for over three years. Mrs. Adams represented migrant farm workers and litigated Title VII employment discrimination cases, Fair Labor Standard Act cases, and Agricultural Workers Protection Act cases.

Ingrid Francoeur Adams opened Francoeur Law Firm in 2013. In addition to representing clients in the above-mentioned legal fields of criminal law, employment law, and immigration law, Attorney Ingrid Adams has since also represented clients in matters concerning personal injury, family law, worker's compensation, homeowners' insurance, and PIP. 

Brother Afrasan is passionate about global justice and is advocating policy reforms to increase human rights & social justice for all. Attorney Tyrone Adams will advocate for your family, your business, your community.


Attorney Adams believes in Alternative Dispute Resolution and the advantages of collaboration. Brother Adams is collaboratively trained in family law and certified as a family mediator. His training in collaboration, mediation and negotiation is a great asset in any dispute resolution.


Brother Adams' prior professional experience includes several years as a loan officer in corporate banking and as a teacher in public and private education. Tyrone Afrasan Adams also served as a translator for one of the world's largest accounting firms.

Afrasan focuses his practice on civil rights, collaborative family law, dependency, and mediation. 

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Your attorney, a trained legal professional, strives to provide these core services to you, your family, and your business:

  1. Counsel: Objective advice - Guiding you to the proper course of action based on your goals and interests.

  2. Advocate: Vocal support - Ensuring that your voice is heard and fighting for the enforcement of your legal rights. 

  3. Navigator: Specific directions - Showing you the way through often complex administrative and legal systems.

  4. Informant: Legal facts - Sharing with you key results of our legal research about the current state of the law for your case.

  5. Connector: Cultural bridges - Identifying other possible social service providers that may advance your interests and cause.

  6. Collaborator: Cooperative communication - Working closely with you to achieve affordable fees and transparency.

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