Mediation - Alternative Dispute Resolution



Francoeur Law Firm understands that disputes between two people or two parties are often emotional and delicate, and can bring a great deal of stress to your life. Therefore, it is generally helpful for both sides to try and resolve the dispute as early and amicably as possible. Mediation, one form of Alternative Dispute Resolution, can often help bring a dispute to a close when both sides are willing to sit down together with a neutral party, the mediator, to find a solution that works for everyone.

Although mediation is sometimes part of a litigation process and required by the court, mediation can be even more helpful if you voluntarily seek a resolution before the conflict escalates and before long, expensive litigation becomes necessary.

Many mediators are also attorneys, but a mediator has a different role than an attorney! A mediator does not represent either side, but instead remains a neutral third party and talks to both sides to try and resolve the underlying dispute. The mediator facilitates a voluntary discussion and resolution process by helping both sides find common ground. Mediators do not decide who is wrong or right, who is to blame. Instead, mediators help you work something out, a practical solution. 

Attorney Tyrone Afrasan Adams is also a Florida Supreme Court Certified County and Family Mediator. Mr. Adams listens to the stories and worries of both sides to discover the parties' needs and understand their frustrations. Even though neither side may get exactly what they hoped for, Mr. Adams will facilitate the communication and may point out possible outcomes to help both sides come to an amicable solution that both sides can happily accept as a fair compromise. Any decision to resolve the dispute will remain with you, both sides, including your option to decide that you cannot reach an agreement and that mediation may not work for you. Please contact Francoeur Law Firm for a consultation if you are in need of a dispute resolution.


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