When you have come to a point at which your debts have gotten out of control and you can no longer make the payments without sacrificing on bare essentials such as rent and food, or if debt collectors are knocking on your door, it may be time to think about one of the different options to restructure or discharge your debts through chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy. Come in for a consultation with Francoeur Law Firm to discuss your options and regain control of your finances! 

Consumer Protection

Francoeur Law Firm understands that sometimes you, as a consumer, are not satisfied with the customer service of your bank, retail store or other consumer business. When you spent your hard earned money on a business and then are mistreated by that business, you may want to seek help. It is important that you find an attorney who understands your needs. At Francoeur Law Firm we listen to our clients’ needs to understand their frustrations. Please contact Francoeur Law Firm for a consultation if you are in need of a consumer law attorney:

• Debt Collectors
• Car Dealers
• Car Repair Shops
• Furniture Stores

• Private Student Loan Providers

• And More... 

Debt Collectors May Ask For More Money Than They Should!

Many types of harassment by debt collectors are illegal. And sometimes debt collectors may harass you about debts that you don’t even owe. This could be due to a simply internal error, identity theft or fraud. You may be tempted to just give in to their demands to end the harassment, but that can cost you more money than if you were to hire an attorney to help you. Giving in to debt collectors without legal advice can also damage your credit ratings. Contact us for a consultation.  

Car Dealers May Try Selling Unreasonable Loans and Insurance!

Many car dealers, furniture stores and other retail businesses, make more profit from selling loans and insurance than from selling their primary products. Not only may they promise you a warranty on a bad car, but the warranty may also be bad. And sometimes dealers even trick you and commit fraud. High interest car loans, especially when coupled with a poor quality used car, may result in your car being repossessed, and you still paying for the car several years later without the benefit of driving it. If you were sold a bad car, bad warranty or bad insurance, contact us for a consultation. 

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