Community Leaders


If you are a community leader and are looking for attorneys to come out and speak in your community on a legal matter, inform your community about legal rights, or discuss other ideas or needs, please don't hesitate to contact us. Let's work together to make our community stronger. 

Community Engagement

We stand with our community by

  • defending community rights

  • advocating for change

  • supporting families and children

  • increasing visibility of community 

  • lifting up community spirits

  • working with community leaders

Human Rights and Civil Rights
In Our Community 
(Links to Selected Articles)


  1. What it means to be Black in our Education system.

  2. Florida's Education System in Chaos.

  3. Florida's School to Prison Pipeline is Largest in Nation.


Criminal Justice System

  1. Criminal Justice Reform Still Missing In Florida.

  2. Watching videos of Police Brutality can Traumatize our Community.

  3. Civil Rights - Petition For The Restoration of Voting Rights

  4. Police Training in Germany takes 130 weeks, USA 20 weeks...

  5. Police kill Black man - Florida Jury awards $4.


Political Power, Diversity

  1. Affirmative Action In Politics - Rooney Rule To Increase Issue Diversity.

  2. Andrew Gillum for Florida Governor to take on difficult conversations.

  3. Free Speech, Sports, and Civil Rights - Ali, Abdul Jabbar, Kaepernick, et al.

Race Discrimination

  1. Study shows Implicit Bias against Black Attorneys.

  2. 2017 and Still "First Black Female..." this time at John Hopkins.

  3. Ocoee Election Day Massacre and Exile of Black Population

  4. How Corporations erased Black Identity from Black Radio - Wire 98.5 Voice of Pine Hills

  5. Supreme Court Decision about Race Discrimination in Media

Environmental Justice

  1. Breathing is a health risk in Parramore, Orlando - Pollution: Superfund, Highways, etc.


  1. Income Needed to Afford Your Rent - Still Affordable Housing Crisis.

  2. The rise and fall of Black inner cities in Florida due to racism and redlining.

  3. BOOK: The Color of Law - How Government Segregated America.


  1. Car dealers hurting customers with high interest rates and useless warranties.

  2. Debt collection lawsuits squeeze Black neighborhoods.

Haitian Community

  1. Fighting Deportations of Haitians.

  2. EEOC sues Hotel - Haitian workers in Florida fired and called slaves.

  3. Global Issues - Haiti: The First Free Black Nation, The Poorest Country in the West.

  4. The End of TPS - Temporary Protected Status - TV Interview.

German Community​

  1. German language: Bilingualism in the classroom.

  2. Global Issues - Germany: Grappling with Diversity.

Ties Between Haiti And Germany

  1. Haitian President urges German Chancellor to invest in Haiti.

  2. History of German Military and Business in Haiti.


  1. The Impact of Globalization on Human Rights, Environment, and Int'l Business.

  2. Tanzania demands Reparations for German Colonial Atrocities.

  3. Most beautiful cities in Africa ignored by most media.

Small Business

  1. Four Key Steps to getting a Small Business Loan.

  2. Stuck from the start: African American Entrepreneurs.


  1. Women of Color Scientists report Rampant Sexual and Racial Harassment.

  2. Companies can Fire people just for having Dreadlocks.


  1. Osceola County Law Targeting Homeless

  2. Florida Poverty Law toward housing first

  3. Justice Gap - Limited or No Legal Help For Millions of Americans


Community Organizations

Bridge The Gap Coalition Orlando
Greater Haitian Amerian Chamber of Commerce of Orlando

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